Our Mission

Our mission is to provide extended care to the chronically ill and disabled, with special emphasis on the care of the frail elderly. In response to Christ’s teachings, we offer a full spectrum of care that meets the resident’s physical, spiritual, and emotional needs.

Through care that cherishes the residents’ God-given humanity, dignity and individuality, they are able to experience the ministry of Jesus Christ. This approach to resident care sets our services uniquely apart from those of many other extended care facilities. While always providing the highest caliber of health care, ours is a holistic environment that also:

  • Recognizes spiritual and social needs along with physical and medical needs in those we serve
  • Encourages the involvement of family members and significant others as part of the health care team
  • Collaborates with residents, families, and physicians to create individualized care plans
  • Assists residents in achieving their maximum levels of independent living, nurtures a home-like atmosphere
  • Cherishes life as a gift that is meaningful, even in its final moments

The compassionate example of the religious sisters who originally staffed our institutions lives on today, in employees who are committed, not only to their jobs, but to a ministry of caring. We value both compassion and professionalism in our staff, and in response to these values, we actively support staff in both career development and in personal concerns.

Without compromising our Christian roots and values, we maintain and reaffirm our responsibilities as leaders in the delivery of health care services to our region’s chronically ill and elderly populations.